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This site contains many extensions (inaccessible on mobile) and bookmarklets (which work with any modern browser) to improve your experience and content with Scratch. Scroll down to check them out!Created by Scratch × Discord's sudos.

Scratch Addons

The most feature-rich item in this list, Scratch Addons has over 130 individual toggleable "Addons". Each one contains a userscript, userstyle, and/or persistent script, but you don't need to know what those are to use it. It's available on any Chromium-based browser (Like Microsoft Edge, Vivaldi, or Brave) and Firefox, or from source.

Some of our favorite addons are Developer tools, 60FPS project player mode, Thumbnails setter, Editor dark mode and customizable colors, Pause button, Website dark mode and customizable colors, & Block switching. (Most users use a lot more, but listing them all would be way too much for this site.)


TurboWarp is an external modification of Scratch with improved performance, dark mode, addons (from Scratch Addons - if they affect the editor, they'll most likely be in this), and more. Input any Scratch project URL or ID into the website or load a Scratch project from your computer. It has a packager for downloading projects as apps or websites. You can also download it as a standalone app to get its spectacular additions offline.


Scratchtools is another extension with a large set of Scratch modifications. It's smaller than Scratch Addons, but updates are pushed out more frequently. Some of the best features are More Editor Fonts, Project Idea Generator, Colored Messages, Custom Site Font, & Project Link as Title.


Now to the simple modifications that you can use almost anywhere: Bookmarklets. Here are two that you can easily add to a browser. To install them, click one of the buttons below and copy all of the text on the linked website. Then paste it into your bookmarks bar. At any time you want to use one, click on it on the correct page (such as the projects page). For a more in-depth explanation, view this article.

Marked NFE: See if a project is marked "Not for Everyone". More information here. If you wouldn't like to use the bookmarklet, you can use this site instead.
Change Thumbnail: Upload a different image for a project thumbnail across Scratch. You can also use an addon for the same feature. One of its constraints is that the uploaded image has to be in a bitmap (png, jpg, gif) file format.

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